CEO of H & H Services Group, LLC

Leslie Ed Hooper, Jr.  (Les) was born in Marks, Ms., April 21, 1962 to parents, Leslie Ed Hooper, Sr. and Dona Mitchell Hooper.  He is the youngest of three children, with two older sisters Tamra and Sharon.

Les moved to San Antonio, Texas with his dad when he was in the fourth grade. Les remained with his dad thru the eighth grade then moved to Southaven, Ms., where his mother resided to attend Southaven High School.  After Les’ tenth grade year, he returned to San Antonio, Texas, where he would graduate from John Marshall High School in 1980.

After graduation, Les received his real estate license in both Texas and Tennessee.  In 1988, Les was in Memphis conducting a business meeting, and met Tammy Anderson.  On November 25, 1989, they married.  Les and Tammy have two children, Alyssa born in Houston, Texas on May 11, 1990 and Blake born in Southaven, Ms., on March 6, 1992. The Hooper’s reside in Southaven, Ms.,  where Les is currently a commissioner of City of Southaven Planning and Development committee.

Les had a vision to build a business in air filtration that would grow and be a part of his family’s future.  Air filtration had been a part of Les’ family in Gulfport, Ms. for several years and had been an interest of Les’ for quite a while.

In 1993, his vision became reality and H & H Filter’s Mfg., was established.   The ambitious journey began and H & H landed the first client, David Gould and Philip Gould of Gould’s Hair Salon.  Gould’s Hair Salon is still a part of the H & H family today.

Continued education regarding air filtration was a necessity in order to comply with proper ratings and requirements in the commercial market.  Les became president of NFSA (National Filter Service Association) with members throughout the United States.  H & H became a member of NAFA (National Air Filtration Association) and Les became a Certified Filter Specialist thru CFSA.  H & H Filters Manufacturing expanded their services and began manufacturing custom air filter frames and washable frames.

Their custom frames are used throughout the Memphis metro area and shipped throughout the United States.  A well known HVAC manufacturer is currently placing H & H custom washable frames in the manufactured unit’s prior to shipping the units to retail locations, and have been a loyal customer for 18 years.  In 2010 H & H Filter’s Manufacturing, LLC., became H & H Services Group, LLC.  Les and Tammy added green solutions and technology under the umbrella of services.

Green solutions were on the rise.  Les met John McArthur, through a mutual friend.  After getting to know John, Les was impressed with his personality and drive and shared the business idea, he and Tammy had been discussing.  John’s interest was immediate and he was on board. Les researched the possibility of developing a refrigerant lubricant enhancement for HVAC systems to improve efficiency and lower energy cost.  Arctic Energy RLE® was developed with outstanding performance.  John then introduced his longtime friend Cannon Smith to Les and Tammy.  All were interested and impressed with the product, and became a team and formed HMS Energy Solutions, LLC. (Hooper, McArthur, Smith)

The importance and awareness of technology, air filtration, and going green grows on a daily basis and will progress and become even more of a necessity in the future.  H & H Services Group, LLC.  and  HMS Energy Solutions, LLC., will continue to develop products and educate themselves, their employee’s, and clients to keep everyone in the “now” of filtration and green knowledge.