Fuel injector cleaner concentrate

HMS Gas Fuel System Cleaner drastically reduces the impact of poor engine performance due to a dirty, inefficient fuel system, plus it controls water and inhibits corrosion, while increasing fuel economy.

HMS Gas Fuel System Cleaner contains detergents designed to eliminate deposits and deliver fuel system cleanliness in the fuel tank, carburetor, fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chamber. It will clean and maintain a clean fuel system, increasing engine performance, throttle response, acceleration, and economy.

Its formula contains cleaning agents so powerful that they are registered with the EPA as a detergent component for gasoline at the refinery level, and it also contains a unique lubricant to help reduce piston-ring and valve wear.

HMS Gas Fuel System Cleaner reduces exhaust emissions while cleaning away accumulated carbons, sticky gums, resin, tar and varnish deposits that hinder the efficiency of the engine and fuel system. The powerful detergent package reduces octane requirement by cleaning and removing hot carbon deposits that cause detonation and engine run-on. It also removes the trace amounts of water condensation that cause rust, corrosion, and poor combustion.

This unique formulation is designed to improve the ability of gasoline to meet today’s engine needs for a properly-atomized fuel spray in fuel injected engines. Used in conjunction with HMS Gasoline Fuel Treatment and HMS Engine Treatment, your vehicle’s engine will perform at its peak level while generating a significant savings every time you go to the pump.


  • Cleans clogged injectors, intake valves, and cleans entire fuel system
  • Restores engine performance and improves horsepower and torque
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • Removes accumulated carbons, sticky gums, resin, tar and varnish deposits


Add one 8-ounce bottle of Gas 5000 per tank of gas, every 3,000 city or 5,000 highway miles.