Treats ethanol molecules to prevent damage to the metal, soft hoses and gaskets

HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer is a special chemical formulation for watercraft with gasoline engines to reduce harmful effects of ethanol and enhanced with effective cleansing and moisture-controlling capabilities to improve your marine gasoline engine’s operating efficiency.

HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer will boost the octane level, initiating a more complete burn of the marine gasoline while improving ignition and providing cleaner combustion. All of this results in greater horsepower and added fuel economy.

HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer also contains stabilizers which will keep fuel “fresh” from season to season. As a fuel-system cleaner, the Enhancer cleans the entire fuel system. HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer quickly and effectively dissolves and loosens gums and carbon left by incompletely burned fuel.

HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer also helps eliminate moisture that has condensed in the fuel tank and lines by emulsifying the water. Moisture reduces the engines operating efficiency as well as causing other devastating problems. It will also help starts in colder weather. The atomizing properties of HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer improve combustion and cause fuel to burn more uniformly.



  •  Raises octane level of fuel, helping to increase horsepower and performance
  • Reduces harmful effects of ethanol
  • Dissolves dangerous deposits formed on injection nozzles
  • Cleans carburetors of harmful deposits
  • Emulsifies and helps eliminate water in fuel system
  • Controls corrosion and helps neutralize damaging acids formed in engines
  • Reduces emissions



Add one ounce of HMS Marine Fuel Enhancer to every 10 gallons of gasoline.