Tammy Hooper

President of H & H Services Group, LLC

Tammy L. Anderson was born in Clinton, South Carolina to parents Rev. Hermon D. Anderson and S. Christine Anderson.  Tammy had two older siblings, Jeff and Mechelle.

Due to Tammy’s dads ministry, she attended several schools throughout South Carolina.  After completing the 10th grade, she went directly to the 12th grade and graduated in 1985 from North High School in North, South Carolina at the age of 16.  Immediately after graduating, Tammy’s parents accepted a pastoral position in Southaven, Mississippi.

At the age of 18, Tammy met Les Hooper while he was in Memphis for a business meeting.  On November 25, 1989, Les and Tammy were married by her dad and her brother.  They have two children. Alyssa, born May 11, 1990 in Houston, Texas and Blake born March 6, 1992 in Southaven, Mississippi.

Les began to share his vision with Tammy to begin an air filtration business for their family.  Both realizing starting a business would need financing; they both worked and began saving money for the business.  Tammy worked under the VP of one of the largest printing ink companies in the US based in Detroit, Mi.  She remained with the company for four years.

Tammy then began working for two successful women that owned a business in the Hotel/Motel Design Industry.  She was fortunate to work in these positions with both companies.  They taught her the importance of running a business properly and successfully.

After seven years of working a day job and taking care of H & H at night, in 2000 she left the hotel/motel design industry and began dedicating all her time to the family business.God has truly blessed the Hooper family.

H & H Services Group, LLC. has expanded services offered.  HMS Energy Solutions, LLC. has brought a great team together with already successful business partners, John McAurthur and Cannon Smith.  Also, Tammy thanks Gene Shackelford and Ronnie Rhoda for your input from your work experience.  Products and services will continue to grow and be offered by both companies throughout the United States.