An all-in-one spray lubricant, penetrant, and insulator
for home and commercial use

HMS Spray Lube is a heat-stable, oil-soluble, low-viscosity lubricant with unique lubricating and insulation properties, and enhanced by the company’s proprietary HMS  Metal Treatment.  Simply spray onto the surface of a unit to be treated.

Any type of new or old machinery will perform better when treated with HMS Spray Lube. The performance of gears, valves, pistons, bearings, or any moving parts can be significantly improves by using HMS Spray Lube.  Use it in electrical motors, engines, compressors, linkage systems, tools, cables, power transmission equipment, pumps, hydraulic power and refrigeration units, and more.

HMS Spray Lube also creates an insulating shield to help prevent electrical leakage under damp conditions.

HMS Spray Lube smoothes and seals metal surfaces, reducing friction and preventing breakdown of vital parts.  HMS Spray Lube contributes to substantial savings during the life of the unit by reducing downtime and costs.


  • Has unique lubricating and insulating properties
  • Cuts energy consumption
  • Prolongs tool and machinery life
  • Reduces downtime


Spray directly HMS Spray Lube directly onto the surface of the unit to be treated.