Why You Need Arctic Energy RLE®

Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are heat transfer devices. Heat transfer is simply removing heat from the air in a building or cooler, thus making the area cooler. At the center of these systems is the compressor, which pumps refrigerant and oil through the system. The cooling action in an air-conditioning or refrigeration system is created through the use of a compressible fluid that moves heat from one location to another. During the process of expanding and condensing, heat is exchanged through a copper (or similar metal) coil.

Refrigeration systems also include a lubricant, often called refrigerant oil, which circulates continuously through the compressor to lubricate moving parts. Frequently, oil escapes the compressor area and moves with the refrigerant through the rest of the system. The oil entrained in the refrigerant travels from the compressor to the condenser and evaporator, where it attaches itself to the metal surfaces on the inside of the heat exchanger coils, in effect insulating them. The result is reduced heat transfer ability, which in turn reduces capacity and increases run-time in order to obtain the same amount of heat transfer. The key to lowering operating costs is to maintain peak system efficiency. Through metallurgical thermodynamics and metal surface chemistry, Arctic Energy RLE® accelerates the heat-transfer process, thereby reducing the operating time required. Although there are several types of refrigerant oil additives currently on the market, Arctic Energy RLE® is unique in its ability to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers in air-conditioners, chillers, heat pumps, and refrigeration systems in addition to increasing the lubricity of refrigerant oil and reducing wear on compressor parts. Its exclusive formulation distinguishes it from all other refrigeration products by having no side effects or harmful ingredients.

Arctic Energy RLE is technological advancement that provides refrigerant with the extra tools necessary to combat the problems inherent in heat transfer devices. Arctic Energy RLE is carried by the oil through the parts of the compressor. It works to “polish” the metal surfaces, penetrating into the pores of the metal to seal the often microscopic cracks and breaks and smooth points of uneven wear.


  • Restores air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps and refrigerant systems to original manufactured efficiency ratings
  • Reduction in Energy costs resulting in an adjusted net savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increase life span of equipment
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and facilities carbon footprint
  • Increase in lubricating ability of the refrigerant oil over +- 1000% greater than the refrigerant oil alone
  • Payback period is typically under one year


Add Arctic Energy RLE one ounce per ton unit on the first application. Retreat every 2 years thereafter. Subsequent treatments require only one-half ounce per ton unit. Consult your distributor for these applications